Welcome to Plates of Flavors

Hi! You found my recipe diary. I am glad you made it here. My name is Halimot. Born in Chicago, Illinois. Raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently residing in Houston, Texas. Everywhere, huh? Trust me, I know.

This Blog was created to help me keep track of my flavorful dishes and to share the dishes that made me re-build my relationship with food, after several months of having little to no appetite.. I am going to be sharing with you guys, recipes that are so flavorful and delicious. I have made these recipes several times and trust me, they are the very BEST! I hope you guys explore and try out some of these delicious recipes because I know they will leave you coming back for more!

*I do not have a specific food niche; I am not restricted to a specific diet. I love and eat what taste good in portions. Hope you enjoy my plates of flavors!

Moderation is the only rule of a healthful life. This means moderation in all things wholesome.”

Herbert M. Shelton.

About Halimot

Outside my diary, I am a laid back 19-year-old junior in college, majoring in Biomedical sciences with the hope of one day becoming an Oncologist. I work full-time as a Patient Care Technician in a hospital.

Rarely do I ever have free time but when I do, watching anime, playing tennis, going on adventures, and going to the gym are my favorite things to do. A lifestyle page will be included in this blog if you would like to know me beyond the recipes.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you more often.